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Colorado Drop Camp Experience

colorado drop camp, colorado elk hunting

Packing In


Our drop camps are fully equipped, high wall tents that are set at different elevations to provide the perfect hunting experience.  Each camp consists of high walled tents, heating & cooking stoves, cooking equipment, lamps, chairs, tables, dishes, cups, silverware, cots, & toilets. Wood will be cut in advance for heating and cooking. Our wranglers will take you and your gear into camp on horseback. Each hunter is allowed to bring in up to 50 pounds of personal gear plus their rifle, sleeping bag, and a backpack.  No duffle bag should weigh more than 50 pounds.

Hunters are responsible for purchasing their own food. Our wranglers will visit each camp at least every other day to bring in supplies and take out trash.

colorado hunting drop camp. Colorado elk hunting

Sleeping Tent

Colorado Hunting camp, Colorado Drop camps elk hunting

Packing Out

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