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colorado elk hunting, colorado elk hunt

Colorado Elk Hunting

Our elk hunting packages are tailored to fit your hunting goals. We offer guided hunts or you can hunt on your own.  The archery hunts, black powder, and rifle seasons are each unique in their own way.  Archery means getting up close to the elk. Hunters arrive the day before their hunt begins, they hunt for 4- full days, and leave the morning after their hunts ends.  The first two seasons are normally warmer with the first chance of snow arriving in late October.  The last two seasons will be colder with snow.  Rifle hunts are 4 day hunts primarily on public land.  We hunt from the ranch on foot, horseback, or take vehicles. We have a wide range of terrain to fit your physical ability. 

Gun selection is a personal choice but there are options to consider.  We recommend a rifle with a quality scope.  You should sight in your rifle at 200 yards and practice shots at 50 to 400 yards.  Know your comfort levels at these ranges. We also have options for long range shooting for those interested. Legal bulls have 4 points on one side or a 5 inch brow tine. 

2018 Non-resident tags are $644 for bulls or either sex depending on the season, $484 for cows, and $103.75 for youth tags.

2018 Resident tags are $49 for bull or cow tags and $13.75 for youth tags.

Colorado Elk hunting, Rifle, Archery

Colorado Elk Hunts

Elk Archery Hunts

All of our archery hunts are 5 day hunts. The archery season runs from late August through late September. Like all of our hunts you can choose to hunt with a guide, non-guided, from the ranch, or from one of our remote drop camps. Because GMU #33 is a draw unit for archery tags, there are fewer hunters in the area which translates into quality hunts.  Hand held bows are allowed during archery season.  Cross-bows are only allowed during rifle seasons.

colorado elk hunting

Archery Elk Hunts

Mule Deer Hunts

Mule deer range throughout GMU #33.  You can buy a deer tag plus an elk tag or come just for mule deer.    The later seasons find the mule deer headed into rut and can be quite productive.  Shooting distances are similar to elk.  There are only 3 rifle seasons for mule deer which correspond to the 2nd – 4th elk rifle seasons.  A legal buck has a minimum of 5 inch horns.

2018 Non-resident tags are $389 for mule deer and $103.75 for youth tags.

2018 Resident tags are $34 for mule deer and $13.75 for youth tags.


Colorado mule deer hunting, Colorado mule deer hunt

Colorado Mule Deer in All Shapes & Sizes

Black Bear Hunts

There is a good population of black bears in western Colorado and GMU #33.  Bears cannot be baited or run in Colorado so hunts are simply fair chase.  The seasons run parallel with the elk seasons, including archery.  Black bear tags in 2018 are $351 for non-residents and $41 for residents. Hunters must also have an elk or deer tag for the same season and same unit.

There are black bear only hunts that run in September.

Black bear hunting Colorado, Black bear hunt Colorado
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